How the New UK Cookie Law Impacts Your Store

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If you are one of our UK based merchants, it’s important you read on about the new UK cookie law and how it relates to your Magento Go store. If you are unfamiliar with the law, it stipulates that you must request permission from visitors of your site prior to placing a cookie on their computer.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is saved on the computer of a website visitor and is used as a temporary holding place for information. Information that is saved in cookies is used to analyze page flow, customize services, display appropriate content and advertising, as well as measure the effectiveness of promotions. Cookies identify and maintain the signed-in status of registered customers, and control the operation of interactive features such as Polls, and Recently Compared Products. When used responsibly, information that is saved in a cookie can be used to promote trust, and to establish a secure shopping experience for your customers.

What are the implications for my Magento Go store?

In keeping with this legislation, visitors to your Magento Go store are required to give consent before any information is saved to their computers. Operating your store in Cookie Restriction Mode makes it easy for your visitors to state their preference, and ensures that your store remains in compliance with the legal requirements.

How do I use the Cookie Restriction Mode?

When Cookie Restriction Mode is enabled, visitors are notified that the site requires cookies for full-featured operations. They are invited to visit the Privacy Policy page to learn more, and are encouraged to express their consent by clicking the Allow button. The Privacy Policy page includes the name of your store and contact information from your system configuration, explains the purpose of each cookie, and how the information is used. If Google Analytics is available for your store, it is invoked only after the visitor has granted permission to use cookies. If a visitor’s browser does not have JavaScript enabled, a message explains that JavaScript must be enabled to use the website. After JavaScript is enabled, the Cookie Restriction Mode message prompts the visitor to read the Privacy Policy page, and to click the Allow button to accept cookies from the site.

To enable Cookie Restriction Mode:

1. From the Admin panel, select System > Configuration:. In the Configuration panel on the left, under General, select Web.

2. Click to expand the Session Cookie Management section, and set Cookie Restriction Mode to “Yes.”

3. Click the Save Config button.

To update your store information:

1. From the Admin panel, select System Configuration. In the Configuration panel on the left, in the General section, do the following:

a. On the General tab, click to expand the Store Information section, and complete as needed.

b. On the Store Email Addresses tab, click to expand the General Contract section, and complete as needed.

Click the Save Config button.

To learn more about our commitment to safeguard personal information, please see our Privacy Policy in the footer of our site.


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