Our Newest Addition: Magento Go Add-ons

Posted by alyssagothelf on Thursday, May 26, 2011 comments

Magento Go Add-ons

Magento Go Add-ons

Magento Go Add-ons are Here

The incredible excitement for the recently launched Magento Go continues to grow stronger every day. Tens of thousands of you have come to the Go site to learn more and start your own online stores. While we recognize that as a SaaS solution Magento Go is designed for ease of use, we also understand its limitations with flexibility.

We Hear You

Much of the feedback we’ve received from you about Magento Go’s flexibility is its inability to integrate with other systems. You’ve told us that you need and want to connect your online stores with accounting packages, CRM systems and marketing tools.

Our Partners are Here to Help

That’s why we’ve engaged our ecosystem of partners to create Add-ons for Magento Go. Magento Go Add-ons leverage Magento Go’s web services APIs to seamlessly connect with your online stores. You can now use add-ons to easily integrate Quickbooks,, live chat and other complementary tools with your Magento Go stores. Magento Go Add-ons also include additional payment gateways and store themes that you can integrate into your stores. Stay tuned for many more Adds-ons that will soon be made available from our many partners.

Looking to the Future:
The Magento Go Platform

Add-ons is just our first step in empowering you with the flexibility for endless possibilities with your Magento Go online store. Our team is hard at work building the Magento Go platform which recently entered into beta testing.

The Magento Go platform will enable you to seamlessly install Magento Go Apps at the click of a button through our Apps catalog. Unlike Add-ons which simply connect through the Magento Go web services API, Magento Go Apps can be installed inside the Magento Go environment, giving you incredible power and flexibility to customize and extend the functionality of your online store...just as if you were hosting the store on your own.

Whether you would like to integrate new payment methods, enable live chat to assist customers or add a theme to your store, the Add-ons page can help do it all. Visit the Add-ons page now for more information about how to start expanding your online business today.

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Alyssa joined Magento in 2011 as an Online Marketing Manager. She became passionate about Magento when researching new platform solutions at her previous job. When Alyssa is not working, she enjoys playing tennis, dancing and enjoying the Southern California sunshine with family and friends.

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