Designers and Developers Love Magento Go

You need a solution to help your clients build successful online stores. You want the design flexibility and features offered by enterprise-class solutions, but need to stay within your SMB clients' budget. You also wouldn't mind if some additional business came your way.

Why Magento Go is Right for You

Magento Go brings the power and flexibility of Magento Enterprise to small merchants with big ambitions. It provides an affordable way to create world-class online stores without the worries of managing servers or installing software.

What You Can Expect

  • Ability to Grow

    A world-class eCommerce solution that will support your clients' growth for years to come

  • Customizable Design

    A powerful templating system which allows full control of the design through custom CSS files

  • Design Partner Program

    The Design Partner Program, a program which can generate new business for you

  • 25% Commission

    A 25% recurring commission through our Affiliate Program for any clients you refer to Magento Go

Ready to Get Going?

Still wondering if Magento Go is right for you? Contact our Go Product Specialist team at (310) 945-0343 for more information