Frequently Asked Questions

Magento Go Basics
Q: What is Magento Go?
Magento Go is an online service for entrepreneurs and small businesses that lets you build your own online store to sell your products and services online. Magento Go makes it easy for you to start selling quickly. You don't need to worry about servers and software. Magento Go handles everything for you.
Installation & Configuration
Q: Do You Charge a Set Up Fee?
No, Magento Go plans do not have any set up fees.
Q: Can I migrate my existing catalog to my Magento Go Store?
Yes, Magento Go lets you import your existing catalog by uploading a .CSV file. Magento will soon provide you with automated tools to migrate your catalog to Magento Go with just a few clicks.
Q: Can I Run Multiple Sites From a Single Store?
At present, you can run one website that is associated with a single base URL with each Go plan you purchase.
Q: What Are Store Views and How Many May I Use For My Store? Back to Top
Store views are used to support multiple languages in Magento. They can also be used to create different areas of the website that are styled differently, all under the same base URL. The number of languages supported by a plan are the number of store views that are available with that plan. Please refer to the Plans and Pricing page for details.
Plans & Pricing
Q: Can I Switch Plans?
Yes. Magento makes it easy to change plans at any time.
Q: What Happens If I Exceed My Allotted Storage or Bandwidth Capacity?
There is an overage charge of $10 for every 100MB of additional storage you use above the amount specified in your plan. Magento charges $10 per each Gigabyte of additional bandwidth used above the amount specified in your plan. If you are regularly exceeding the bandwidth or storage limits of your current plan, you can upgrade to a larger plan at any time.
Q: Do I Have to Sign an Annual Contract to Use Magento Go?
Magento Go plans are offered on a month-to-month basis. There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at any time.
Q: I Would Like to Cancel My Plan, Can I Get a Refund?
You may cancel your plan at any time by logging it to your Magento Account. When you cancel your plan, Magento will stop billing you from your next billing cycle forward. Magento does not provide refunds for your current billing cycle.
Q: What are Add-ons?
Add-ons are a group of marketing and business management products that you can easily integrate with your Magento Go online store. Add-ons were developed through our broad network of partners to give you the flexibility to build and maintain your store the way you want.
Q: How do I Integrate Add-ons?
On the Add-ons page, simply select the Add-on you'd like to integrate and click the 'get this Add-on' link for easy to understand instructions on how to start using your new functionality.
Q: How do Add-ons Work?
Add-ons leverage Magento Go's web services Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to seamlessly connect with our partners' systems to exchange information. The data is then imported from the partner directly into Magento Go's control panel for you to easily access.
Q: Where can I Find Add-ons Once They Have Been Integrated? Back to Top
After you've installed an Add-on, it will display in your control panel when you log on to manage your site.
Domain Names & SSL Certificates
Q: Can I use My Own Domain?
Yes. Magento lets you customize your online store with your own domain name on any Magento Go plan. Once you have purchased a plan, you can add your own domain to your store through your Account Settings. Please follow the instructions in the Magento Go Knowledge Base to add your own domain to your Magento Go online store.
Q: Does Magento Sell Domain Names and SSL Certificates?
At this time, Magento Go does not directly sell domain names but we do offer a variety of industry-leading custom SSLs through VeriSign. If you would like to learn more about our SSL offerings, visit the SSL page.
Q: Can I use My Own SSL certificate? Back to Top
Magento Go provides all of its customers with a shared SSL by default, enabling you to offer a secure checkout to all of your customers. If you wish to use a custom SSL, you can purchase a Magento SSL, transfer an existing SSL, or purchase a new SSL from the third party provider of your choice. Simply log into your account and select one of these options under the tab, ‘My Products and Services’. Then follow the prompts to either upload your current SSL file or generate a new CSR file to use when you are purchasing an SSL from another third party provider.
Theming & Design
Q: Can I Customize The Design of My Store?
Yes, Magento Go gives you lots of options for designing your store. You can start with one of many professional themes and then customize them to meet your needs. You can upload your own logo and images, edit the theme's CSS or even upload your own CSS file. You can even upload JavaScript blocks into your design. Magento Go makes it very easy to achieve your desired look and feel of your store without sacrificing functionality.
Q: Can I use FTP to Upload My Own Custom Designs and Images?
Magento Go does not provide FTP access to your store. You can upload groups of images into your store through your web-based administrative control panel. This limitation is in place so that merchants do not modify their stores in such a way that they are no longer upgradeable. Magento Go provides full access to customize your store's design through images, CSS and JavaScript.
Q: Will My Store Be Upgradeable if I Customize a Theme or Design?
Yes. Magento Go is specially built so that your themes and custom designs are always upgradeable. As we release new functionality and upgrades to the Magento Go stores, your designs will never become incompatible.
Q: Can I Use Third-Party Themes For My Magento Go Store? Back to Top
Yes, you can. However, we can only ensure our list of approved themes will work with your Magento Go store. You can find the list of approved third-party themes here.
Payments & Transactions
Q: Do I Need My Own Merchant Account?
If you are new to selling online, you do not need a merchant account, if you don't want or need one. You can start by signing up with PayPal to accept Express Checkout payments. If you do want a merchant or want the ability to accept credit cards in your online store, you can sign up for one through one of payments partners.
Q: Do You Charge Transaction Fees?
No, Magento does not charge any transaction fees. The only fee you pay is the monthly service fee for your plan.
Q: Which Payment Processors Do You Support?
Magento Go works with many different payment gateways including PayPal,, OGone, Sage Pay Direct, WorldPay and more. For a full list of payment gateways refer to our payment gateways page within the knowledge base or search by country on our gateways page. You can also configure your online store to accept alternative payment methods including check or money orders, cash on delivery or zero subtotal checkout. Our payment methods page lists all alternative payment methods for your reference. Magento is quickly adding many new payment processing and gateway options from around the world, so be sure to check these pages often to see what’s new with Magento Go.
Q: How much do you charge for Credit Card Processing? Back to Top
Magento Go plans do not include credit card processing by default. Magento supports a large number of credit card processing providers. Simply sign up with one of these services (or transfer your existing service) and we'll show you how to add that service into your Magento Go account.
Hosting & Security
Q: Does Magento Go comply with Safe Harbor Privacy Principles?
Yes. Our products comply with the U.S. – E.U. Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S. Swiss Safe Harbor framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal data from European Union member countries and Switzerland. We have certified that we adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, please visit
Q: Is Magento Go PCI Compliant?
Yes. Magento Go is a level 1 PCI-DSS compliant eCommerce platform.
Q: Where is Magento Go Hosted? Back to Top
Currently, Magento Go is hosted on a premium infrastructure in top tier datacenters in the United States.
Magento Connect Extensions
Q: What are Extensions?
Extensions are programs that allow you to add custom features and functionality to every area of your store including the front and back end, integrations with other web services, marketing tools, themes and more. Extensions are developed through our broad network of partners to give you the flexibility and power to maintain your store the way you want.
Q: Where can I Find Extensions?
All extensions for Go can be found in Magento Connect, the world's largest eCommerce application marketplace. You can filter extensions to find those specifically for Magento Go.
Q: What are 'Trusted Extensions'?
'Trusted Extensions' are extensions that have been Magento reviewed and approved to meet our high standards for security and performance. They come from trusted developers who agree to provide regular updates and technical support.
Q: How do I Integrate Extensions? Back to Top
After you've selected the extension you’d like to add and filled out billing information (if it is a paid extension), you’ll get a response indicating that your extension has been installed. Click View in My Account to go to your My Go Extensions panel in My Account. If you have multiple stores, select the store you installed this extension to from the drop-down menu. From the extensions table, identify the extension and verify that it is enabled. It will be disabled by default so you should be sure to enable it. Once your extension has been installed and enabled, you should read the instructions provided by the developer to find and configure it.