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Join New York based retailer, Blades as they build their eCommerce business with Magento Go. See their trials and tribulations with the platform, find out what has worked for them and take advantage of their experience as you start your own site.

The Big Decision

April 30th, 2012

Meet Vinny Keane from Big Bully Creative in New York. Vinny was tasked with finding a website platform for the new Blades site that enabled the company to grow. After conducting a great deal of research and speaking to many different developers, the team decided to try out Magento Go. What they found was a platform that had many of the features they were looking for as well as the ability to preserve the design integrity of the original Blades site.

Meet New York Based Retailer, Blades

March 28th, 2012

For more than two decades, Blades has been selling the finest skate/snow/surf accessories, clothing, footwear and hard goods in the New York metro area. With a successful offline business in place, the team was eager to translate their brick and mortar success to an online store. Blades tried eCommerce out in the late '90's, but couldn't create and run their online store the way they wanted. To stay competitive with today's market and further expand their business, Blades has decided to get back into the eCommerce game using Magento Go as their platform. In this first post, you'll meet Dave Patterson, the General Manager of Blades, and find out more about their business and why they've decided to reconnect with the world of eCommerce.

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Discover what it was like for Blades to get up and running on Magento Go. Hear from them about which resources they found most helpful, where they found challenges and what they were pleasantly surprised to find out about the potential of the platform.

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