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Configuration: General

  • Configuration: General - Feature Allows you to enable or disable specific Magento Go features for your store. At this time, Compare Products is the only feature included, but we look forward to adding more in the future.
  • Configuration: General - Reports Magento Go provides you with powerful tools for reporting sales, search and order information. Use the Configuration Reports section to define the starting dates used for generating reports.
  • Configuration: General - Contacts The Contact Us feature gives your customers the ability to send messages directly from your web store to an assigned email address of your choosing. The Contact Us link usually appears in the footer of your store
  • Store Email Addresses Magento Go allows you to maintain multiple email addresses for your store, according to role. Use this section to complete the email addresses as appropriate for your store. Any unused fields can be left blank.
  • Configuration: General - Maintenance Mode You can take your store offline for maintenance. In Maintenance Mode, your customers see a temporary page until you return to production mode (when your store is live).
  • Configuration: General - Web Use the Web tab in the General section of the Configuration Panel to specify URL options, the active domain, and default pages of your store.
  • Configuration: General - Design Use the Design tab to brand your Magento Go store by placing your logo in key places on your store's pages such as headers and footers, in transactional emails, and to control other aspects of page design.