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Customer Management

  • How to Assign Multiple Customers to a Group Magento Go allows you to manage your customers successfully by organizing them into Customer Groups. Customer groups allow you to organize customers into separate groups.
  • How to Delete Multiple Customers Magento Go provides you with the ability to delete customers in large numbers. If you are deleting more than a handful of customers, it would be inefficient to delete each one separately.
  • Customer Account Landing Page When a new customer opens an account, you can either display the account dashboard as a landing page, or to let them continue shopping without interruption. Directing customers to their account dashboard helps customers become familiar with the account management tools available to them.
  • Business Software Add-Ons Magento Go Business Service Add-Ons make it easy to integrate a wide range of third-party solutions and services, including Quickbooks, Shipwire, and Salesforce.
  • Marketing Support Add-Ons Magento Go Marketing Add-Ons let you quickly and easily add third-party services to help you manage your online advertising and email campaigns, improve communiction with your customers, and boost your conversion rate.
  • Customer Account Login Customers have easy access to their accounts from every page in your store. If a customer forgets the password, a link to reset the password is sent to the email address that is associated with the account.
  • Customer Groups Customer groups give you the ability to offer different pricing and promotions to customers based upon their demographic or order history. You can use information from customer accounts, including their order history, to set up customer groups for targeted mailings and promotions.
  • New Account Opt-In It is a best practice to require that customers “opt-in,” to ensure that the account is associated with an actual person. Magento Go gives you the option to require that customers “opt-in” by clicking a confirmation link in an email message before their accounts become active.
  • Customer Accounts The header of every page in your store extends an invitation for shoppers to “Log in or register” for an account with your store. You have the option to require that customers register before making a purchase, or to allow them to make purchases as guests.
  • Customer Account Dashboard Customers can access their account dashboard by clicking the “My account” link under the quick search box. They can use the dashboard to view and modify their information, including past and current addresses, billing and shipping preferences, newsletter subscriptions, wishlists, and more. They can also view tags and product reviews they have created while logged in to your store.