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Importing Data

  • Importing Product Images If you have many product images to upload, you can streamline the process by zipping the images into an archive file. The zipped archive can then be imported into your catalog in a single step.
  • Data Transfer Guidelines To improve the efficiency of the process and avoid potential problems, take a moment to review the following guidelines for exporting data from your store.
  • Managing Data Transfer The Import/Export tool gives you the ability to manage multiple customer and product records in a single operation. If you have a large catalog of products, you will find it much easier to export the data, edit the data in a spreadsheet, and then import the data back into your store.
  • Importing Configurable Products The products that are associated with a configurable product are usually created directly from within the configurable product record. However, it is also possible to import existing, simple product records into a configurable product.