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  • Creating Polls Polls are a powerful marketing tool, and Magento Go makes it easy to find out your customers’ opinions on just about everything.
  • Adding Social Plugins Social media sites provide a variety of plugins that you can use to add their official icons and badges to your store. All you have to do is find the code you want to use, copy it to a static block, and place the block in your store.
  • Business Software Add-Ons Magento Go Business Service Add-Ons make it easy to integrate a wide range of third-party solutions and services, including Quickbooks, Shipwire, and Salesforce.
  • Marketing Support Add-Ons Magento Go Marketing Add-Ons let you quickly and easily add third-party services to help you manage your online advertising and email campaigns, improve communiction with your customers, and boost your conversion rate.
  • Understanding Wishlists The wishlist allows customers to create a list of products that they can add to their shopping cart to be purchased at a later date, or share with friends. You can control the display of the Add to Wishlist link that appears on the category pages and product pages of your Magento Go store.
  • Moving from Google Website Optimizer to Content Experiments Google Website Optimizer has been replaced with Google Analytics Content Experiments. If you previously used Google Website Optimizer in your Magento Go store, you must complete the following steps to switch from Website Optimizer to Content Experiments.
  • Sell On eBay Now your Magento Go store can be fully integrated and synchronized with all twenty-three major eBay marketplaces!
  • Category View Optimization The View Optimization tab appears for both products and categories when Google Analytics with Content Experiments is enabled, and is used to test the effectiveness of pages in your store.
  • Content Pages All content can be viewed in terms of its shelf life, just as any product in a store. Did you know that the shelf life of social media content is less than 24 hours? The potential shelf life of the content you create can help you decide where to invest your resources.
  • Inserting Images From the editor, you can insert an online image that resides on another server, or display an image that has been uploaded to your store's Media Storage library.
  • Product Reviews Product reviews help build a sense of community, and are considered to be more credible than any advertising money can buy.
  • Google Merchant Center Google Merchant Center helps you manage Google's shopping tools and services from a single dashboard. In this article, you will use Google Webmaster Tools to verify your site and establish your store's connection to your Google Merchant Center account.