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  • Updating Multiple Subscriptions Newsletter subscriptions can be managed directly from the customer list, which gives you the ability to respond immediately to customer requests to subscribe or unsubscribe. In addition, you can update multiple customer records at the same time.
  • Newsletters Publishing a regular newsletter that provides information of value to your customers is one of the most effective ways to develop an ongoing relationship with your customers.
  • Setting Up Subscription Options Magento Go manages your list of subscribers and includes a standard set of newsletter notification templates, including a confirmation template to confirm requests to subscribe or unsubscribe.
  • Managing Requests to Unsubscribe By law, every person who has subscribed to your newsletter must be able to unsubscribe, or "opt out." In the United States, a request to unsubscribe must be honored within ten business days.
  • Exporting Subscribers Your list of newsletters subscribers can be exported in a format that can be used by third-party newsletter applications and services.
  • Editing the Newsletter Block Your store may includes a block that invites people to register for your newsletter. The design and position of the newsletter block varies by theme.
  • Disabling Newsletter Subscriptions If you are not ready to publish a newsletter, the newsletter module can be temporarily removed from your store. You can easily restore the functionality by changing the configuration to "Enable."