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Using Import / Export

  • Exporting Product or Customer Information If you want to make changes to multiple product or customer records, it is often more efficient to do so in a tabular interface, such as a spreadsheet. With Magento Go’s Export and Import tools,
  • Exporting Orders Order data can be exported from your store as a CSV file that can be edited or integrated with other applications.
  • Importing Orders Orders that were originally created in Magento Go can be imported into your store. However, orders that originate from other sources cannot be imported.
  • Importing Product Images If you have many product images to upload, you can streamline the process by zipping the images into an archive file. The zipped archive can then be imported into your catalog in a single step.
  • Exporting Custom Options If a product has custom options, any data that is associated with the option is exported to a corresponding column in the output file.
  • Exporting Data The best way to become familiar with the structure of your information is to export the data and open it in a spreadsheet.
  • Importing Data This topic explains how to import data into your Magento Go store from a comma-separated value (CSV) file.
  • Exporting Subscribers Your list of newsletters subscribers can be exported in a format that can be used by third-party newsletter applications and services.