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Using the Layout Editor

  • Using the Layout Editor The Layout Editor lets you control the display of preconfigured blocks to the left and right columns of your store. You can add, rearrange, lock in place, and remove blocks from view.
  • Moving a Built-In Block The order of any preset block can be changed by using the Layout Editor to drag it from one location to another within the same column.
  • Adding a Built-In Block You can use the Layout Editor to add a preset block to the sidebar of most two- or three-column pages.The selection of blocks may differ on each page, so you should visit each page of your store to see which blocks are available.
  • Orders and Returns Block The Orders and Returns block is a convenient way for your customers to access information related to any order they have placed with your store. It's a smaller version of the form that appears when you click the Orders and Returns link in the footer of your store.