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Using the Themes Editor

  • Using a Favicon Favicon is short for "favorite icon," and refers to the little icon in the address bar of your browser, just before the URL. The favicon also appears on the tab of each browser page.
  • Resizing Catalog Images Magento Go resizes the product images you upload according to the dimensions specified by the theme. As a best practice, you should standardize the size of your images to ensure that they appear at the highest possible resolution, and maintain the correct proportion.
  • Previewing Themes You can preview any theme using actual content from your store, without interrupting the operation of your site.
  • Choosing a Theme When choosing a theme, look for the best use of space for the content you want to display.
  • Themes and Page Layout Magento Go includes a growing library of professionally-designed themes which you can use "off the shelf," or customize to suit your needs.
  • Adding a Mobile Theme The Magento Go Mobile theme is a "lite" version of your store with all the essentials to help shoppers find what they are looking for, and complete the checkout process.
  • Changing Themes The Theme Editor lists the current selection of themes, and provides access to your store's design and layout tools.
  • Customizing Your Theme The Theme Editor lets you customize the styles which are used to format different sections of the page. For example, you can easily change the color and size of the text, or change the background color or image.