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Step 1: Create a New Page

Add a New Page

This series of articles explains how to create a new content page for your Magento Go store. In this step, you will add a new page.

  1. From the Admin panel, select CMS > Pages > Manage Content.
  2. Click the Add New Page button.
  3. In the Page Information section, do the following:
    1. Enter a Title for the new page.
    2. Enter a URL Key for the page that is based upon the Title. It should be all lowercase characters, with hyphens instead of spaces.

      The URL Key is added to the base URL for your store, to create the online address for the page.

    3. In the Store View list, select each view where this page will be available.
    4. Set Status to “Disabled.” (This will be changed when the page is ready to publish.)
    5. Set Under Version Control to one of the following:
      Yes: To keep a backup of previous versions of the page, as New Page 1, New page 2, and so on.
      No: To write over previous version of the page.
    6. Note: This option is set to “Yes” by default. If you make frequent changes, we recommend setting this to “No” to avoid creating multiple copies that are only slightly different from each other.

  4. With the required fields complete, click the Save and Continue Edit button.
  5. Go to Step 2: Select the Page Layout.
Page Information
Add New Page: Page Information

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