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Adding Facebook "Like" Button to Generic Pages

In order to encourage your customers to share your products with their friends, you will probably be interested in implementing the Facebook “Like” button on your Magento Go. Fortunately, Magento Go was designed to be flexible and easy to customize.

To add a Facebook “Like” button:

Adding the Facebook “Like” button to your Magento Go store is literally a two step process. First, you must create a static block for the Facebook “Like” button where you can embed the Facebook “Like” button code. Second, you must create a widget to transport this static block to your Magento Go storefront.

Step One: Create the static block

  1. In the Admin Panel, select CMS > Static Blocks.
  2. From the Static Blocks management page, click [Add New Block] at the top right.
  3. Define all of the required fields: Block Title; Identifier; Store View; and Status..
  4. Click Show / Hide Editor to disable WYSIWYG mode.
  5. In the Content section, paste in the code provided by Facebook’s Developer documentation.
  6. Next, paste the following code as shown below:
  7. Click [Save Block] to save your changes.

Step Two: Create and customize a widget

  1. In the Admin panel, select CMS > Frontend Apps. From the Manage Frontend Apps page, click [Add New Frontend App] at the top right.
  2. In Settings, select CMS Static Block then click [Continue] .
  3. Enter the name for this frontend App in Frontend App Title field and set its Sort Order.
  4. Click [Add Layout Update].
  5. Set Display On to All Pages
  6. Choose a Block Reference to fit your layout needs.
  7. Next, click Frontend App Options in the left side panel.
  8. Click Select Block to choose the CMS Static Block you just created above.
  9. Once you’ve completed all this, click [ Save ] to save changes.