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Additional Configurable Product Settings

Specify these settings to complete setting up your configurable product:

Managing Configurable Product Inventory Settings

By default, Manage Stock is set to No because the inventory of a configurable product is derived from the quantities of its associated simple products. If you want to manage the inventory manually, clear the Use Config Settings check box and select Yes for Manage Stock. The fields Enable Qty Increments and Stock Availability are enabled.

  • Enable Qty Increments: If you want to sell your products in batches (increments), set the desired quantity number here. A customer will be able to purchase this product only in the increments that you specify.
  • Stock Availability: If you want to temporarily remove an item from sale, select the Out of Stock option in the drop-down menu.

Creating a Simple Associated Product

This section enables you to create simple products to associate to your configurable product.

To create a simple associated product:

  1. In the Create Simple Associated Product box, click Create Empty. A popup window opens with a regular product creation page, but with a preselected product type (Simple Product) and an attribute set that is the same as the configurable product.
  2. Specify the settings as you would when creating a Simple Product.
  3. Click Save to add your product to your configurable product list.
  4. Repeat for additional simple associated products.

    The Copy from Configurable button works in a similar manner to the above, but it pre-populates many of the fields with information from the configurable product.

Configuring Super Product Attributes

The Super Product Attributes box enables you to specify the Attribute Name that appears in the store for selection, and the price for each of the options. Two price options are provided: Fixed or Percentage.

The price for configurable products is a combination of the price from the Price Configuration. For example, if the configurable product’s price is $20 and the price for the Medium option is: Percentage and 10, then this variation of the product costs $22. The price of the associated products is not used for calculation.

Click the [Save] button when you are finished entering and editing information for your product.