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Attribute Frontend Properties

The Frontend Properties determine how an attribute can be used in your store. You can specify how attributes are used in search, layered navigation, product comparisons, price rules, and sorting. For text attributes, you can enable—or disable—the WYSIWYG editor for each attribute, and specify if HTML tags can be used to format the value

Frontend Properties

Property Descriptions

Use in Quick SearchTo make this attribute available for Quick Search, select “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Search WeightAssign a value from 1 - 5 to weight the search.
Use in Advanced SearchGives shoppers the ability to enter search criteria through a form. Options include: Yes / No

Note: Using too many attributes can slow down the search.

Comparable on Front-end To include this attribute in the Compare Products report, select “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Use In Layered Navigation(Dropdown, Multiple Select and Price input types only) Includes the attribute as a filter in the “Shop By” section of layered navigation. Options include:
NoThe attribute is not used in layered navigation.
Filterable (with results)Lists only products that match the filter value.
Filterable (no results)Lists all attribute values, even those that do not apply to any product in the list. Layered navigation appears on a category page only if there are filterable attributes available.
Use In Search Results Layered NavigationTo include the attribute in the layered navigation for search results, select “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Use for Promo Rule ConditionsTo make the attribute available for use in price rules, select “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
PositionDetermines the position of the attribute in layered navigation in relation to other filterable attributes.
Enable WYSIWYG(Text Area input only) To display the editor when entering or editing the attribute value, select “Yes.” The editor can be used to format field descriptions with HTML tags. When set to “Yes,” the Allow HTML Tags on Frontend option does not appear. Options include: Yes / No
Allow HTML Tags on Frontend(Text Field and Text Area input types only) To be able to format the attribute value with HTML tags, select “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Visible on Product View Page on Front-end(Simple and virtual products only) To include the attribute in the Additional Information tab on the product page, select “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Used in Product Listing(Depends on theme; not used in current Magento Go themes) To include the attribute in the product summaries that appear in catalog listings, select “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Used for Sorting in Product Listing(Depends on theme) To include this attribute as “Sort By” option for catalog listings, select “Yes.”

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