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Attribute Properties

The Attribute Properties define the individual characteristics that determine how an attribute can be used in the product catalog.

Attribute Properties

Property Descriptions

Attribute Code(Required) A unique identifier for internal use. The Attribute Code must begin with a letter, but can include a combination of lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9). The code must be less than thirty characters in length and cannot include any special characters or spaces, although an underscore (_) can be used to indicate a space.
ScopeLimits the use of an attribute to a specific store view or website, or view. A Magento Go store has only one website and one store, but can have up to three views. Options include:

Store View



Catalog Input Type for Store OwnerDetermines the data type and input control that is used to manage the product from the store Admin. Options include:
Text FieldA single line input field for text.
Text AreaA multiple-line input field that can display paragraphs of text formatted with HTML.
DateAn input field for date values. The date can be typed directly into the field, or selected from a list or calendar.
Yes/NoA drop-down list with pre-defined options of “Yes” and “No.”
DropdownA drop-down list of configurable options, from which only one can be selected.
Multiple SelectA drop-down list of configurable options. To select more than one option, hold down the Ctrl key and click each item.
PriceAn input type that can be used to create price fields in addition to the predefined attributes: Price, Special Price, Tier Price and Cost.
Fixed Product TaxAn input type that gives you the ability to define FPT rates based on the requirements of your locale.
Default ValueAssigns a starting value to the attribute to help during data entry. To assign a default value for Multiple Select or Dropdown input types, see: Creating Attributes.

A default value cannot be set for Multiple Select, Dropdown, or Fixed Product Tax input types.

Unique ValueTo prevent duplicate values in a data entry field, set Unique Value to “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Values RequiredTo require that a value is entered in this field before the record can be saved, set Values Required to “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Input Validation for Store OwnerPerforms a validation check of the data entered in the field, based on the following options:


Decimal Number

Integer Number




Letters (a-z, A-Z)

Numbers (0-9)

Apply To(Required) Identifies the product types to which this attribute applies. Options include:

All Product Types

Selected Product Types

Simple Product

Grouped Product

Configurable Product

Virtual Product

Bundle Product

Gift Card

Use to Create Configurable Product(Dropdown input type only) Select “Yes” if this attribute will be used to create a drop-down list for a configurable product. This property appears only when the Dropdown input type is selected. Options include: Yes / No

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