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Attribute Quick Reference

Product Type Properties

Some product types have specific requirements for attribute settings. For example, the configurable product type has a specific set of requirements for drop-down attributes which must be set up correctly. The following attributes can be used to identify the attribute with a specific product type:

Property Description
Apply To Identifies the product types that can use the attribute. Visibility must be set to include the catalog.
Use to Create Configurable Product Identifies the attribute one that will be used to create a dropdown list of options for a configurable product.

Data Entry Properties

You can use the following attribute properties to provide assistance during data entry, and to reduce the number of typographical errors in your catalog:

Property Description
Default Value Displays a common entry as a starting value.
Unique Value Prevents duplicate values from being entered.
Values Required Requires a value to be entered before the record can be saved.
Input Validation Performs a validation check of the data, based on data type, or format.

Search and Navigation Properties

Property Description
Use in Quick Search Lets customers use the Search box to find items based on the value of the attribute.
Use in Advanced Search Includes the attribute as a field on the Advanced Search form.
Use in Layered Navigation Includes the attribute in the layered navigation that is displayed for category lists.
Use in Search Results Layered Navigation Includes the attribute in the layered navigation that is displayed for search results lists.
Position Determines the position of the attribute when listed with others in the layered navigation list.
Use in Product Listing (Depending on theme) Includes the attribute in the product listing.
Use for Sorting in Product Listing (Depending on theme) Includes this attribute as an option in the Sort By list, which can be used to sort a product list.

Rules and Comparison Properties

Property Description
Comparable on Front-end Includes the attribute in the Compare Products report.
Use for Promo Rule Conditions Allows the attribute to be used as the basis of a condition that triggers a promotional Price Rule or Shopping Cart rule.

Presentation Properties

Property Description
Visible on Product View Page Includes the attribute on the Additional Information tab of the product view page.
Allow HTML Tags on Frontend Permits text fields and areas to be manually tagged with HTML.
Enable WYSIWYG Editor Makes the WYSIWYG Editor available for tagging a text field or text area with HTML.