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Automatic Product Redirects

Your store can be configured to automatically generate a permanent redirect whenever the URL key of a product changes. In the product record, the checkbox below the URL key indicates if permanent redirects are enabled for your catalog. If your store is already configured to automatically redirect catalog URLs, making a redirect is as easy as updating the URL key.

Create Permanent Redirect for Old URL

To set up automatic redirects:

  1. From the Admin menu, select System > Configuration.
  2. In the Configuration panel on the left, under Catalog, select Catalog.
  3. In the Search Engine Optimizations section, set Create Permanent Redirect for URLs if URL Key Changed to “Yes.”
  4. When complete, click the Save Config button.

Configure Permanent Redirect

To automatically redirect catalog URLs:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Catalog > Manage Products.
  2. Find the product in the list, and click to open the record.
  3. In the URL Key field, do the following:
    1. Make sure that the Create Permanent Redirect for old URL checkbox is selected. If not, complete the instructions to enable automatic redirects.
    2. Update the URL Key as needed, using all lowercase characters and hyphens instead of spaces.
  4. When complete, click the Save button.
  5. Select Catalog > Search Indexing. Then, click the Refresh Index button.
    A permanent redirect is now in effect for the product and any associated category URLs.
  6. To view the redirect records, select Catalog > URL Rewrite Management. The most recent custom redirects appear at the top of the list.