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Braintree: Check Out as Guest

When making a purchase as a guest using the Braintree payment method, you can use a credit card during checkout.

To check out as guest:

  1. On the Checkout page, under Checkout as a Guest or Register, select Checkout as a Guest. Then, click the Continue button.
  2. Complete the Billing and Shipping Information as you would for any purchase.
  3. In the Payment Information section, select Braintree.  Then, do the following:
    1. Select the Credit Card Type.
    2. Enter the Credit Card Number from the front of your card.
    3. Select the Expiration Date month and year.
    4. In the CCV field, enter the three-digit Credit Card Verification number from the back of your card.
    5. Note: For this field to appear, Credit Card Verification must be set to “Yes” in your Braintree configuration.

  4. Then, click the Submit button.
  5. Complete the remainder of the checkout process as you would for any payment method, and place the order.

Braintree Guest Checkout
Braintree Guest Checkout

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