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Catalog Price Rules: Conditions

Promotions > Catalog Price Rules


A catalog price rule consists of three parts: information, conditions, and actions. This article explains how to define catalog price rule conditions. See the following topics for more information:

To define catalog price rule conditions:

  1. From the Admin panel, select Promotions > Catalog Price Rules.
  2. To create a new rule, click the Add New button. The New Rule page appears.
  3. Complete the general information for the catalog price rule.
  4. In the Catalog Price Rule panel on the left, select the Conditions tab.
    Catalog Price Rule Conditions

    The first rule in the Conditions section appears by default: If ALL of these conditions are TRUE. This rule specifies that the rules you define must all be met and all of them are true.

    For conditions, you can select ALL or ANY, and they can be set to TRUE or FALSE.

    TIP: Leave Conditions blank to apply to all products.

  5. Click the green plus sign to display the list of product attributes which can be used to describe the condition.
    Catalog Price Rule Conditions

    NOTE: To add a product attribute to this list, in the attribute’s Frontend Properties you must set Use for Promo Rule Conditions to Yes. See ”Defining Attributes” for more information.

  6. Set the conditional limits for product attributes. When you select each product attribute, you can apply different combinations of conditional limits, such as: is, is not, greater than, less than, contains, does not contain, is one of, is not of one of, and many more.
  7. To include additional product attribute conditions, select Conditions Combinations in the list and repeat the previous step.
  8. Click the Save and Apply button to save this selection and apply the rule immediately.