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Catalog Price Rules

Promotions > Catalog Price Rules


Catalog Price Rules are applied to products before they are added to the shopping cart. They can be used to create sales and discounts that do not require customers to enter a discount code.

A catalog price rule consists of three parts: information, conditions, and actions. After you follow the steps in this topic, see the following topics for more information:

To define catalog price rules:

  1. From the Admin panel, select Promotions > Catalog Price Rules.
  2. To create a new rule, click the Add New button. The New Rule page appears.
    New Catalog Price Rule
  3. In the General Information section, do the following:
    1. Complete the Rule Name and Description fields. These fields are for internal reference only and are not shown to your customers.
    2. In the Status field, select Active.
    3. If managing multiple-websites, in the Websites list, select the websites where this rule applies.
    4. In the Customer Groups field, select the customer groups to which this rule applies. (You can use the Shift and Control keys on your keyboard to select or deselect multiple customer groups.)

      TIP: This list shows the default customer groups for Magento Go. You can add and edit groups by selecting Customers > Customer Groups.

    5. In the From Date and To Date fields, set a date range for the rule to take effect. If you leave the date range empty, then the rule is enabled as soon as it is saved.
    6. In the Priority field, enter a number to set the priority for this rule. Enter 0 for the highest priority, 1 for the second highest priority, and so on.

  4. Define the conditions for this rule as described in the topic ”Catalog Price Rules: Conditions.”
  5. Define the actions for this rule as described in the topic ”Catalog Price Rules: Actions.”
  6. In the Catalog Price Rule panel on the left, select the Related Banners tab and mark the checkbox of each banner to be associated with this rule.
    Related Banners

    TIP: To find banners quickly, use the filter in the banners list. To display all banners again, click the Reset Filter button.

  7. Click the Save and Apply button to save your changes and apply this rule immediately.