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Category General Information

The General Information tab defines the basic properties of the category, including its name, page title, URL key, image, description, and associated meta data. In addition, you can determine if the category appears in the navigation menu.

General Information
General Information

Field Descriptions

Field Description
Name (Required) The category name appears in the navigation, and also in the URL key of the category page and associated product pages.
Description The category description, if used, appears below the category image and before the product list.
Image The category image, if used, appears at the top of the category page, before the description and product list. Note: As an alternative, you can use a CMS static block in place of the description and image.
Page Title The category page title appears in the browser tab and title bar. The title should be not more than twelve words in length, and include a combination of primary and secondary keywords.
Meta Keywords Keywords are used by some search engines, and not by others. You can use a keyword search tool to identify high value keywords that relate to your category. A general rule is to use no more than thirty keywords, or 180 characters. Avoid repeats, and words such as “a,” “an,” “or,” and “that”.
Meta Description Enter a description of the category, using approximately twenty-five words or 150 characters.
Is Active (Required) To make this category available, select “Yes.” Options include: Yes / No
Include in Navigation Menu (Required) To include this category in the top navigation, select “Yes.” If you want this category to be active, but hidden, select “No.” A hidden category does not appear in the top navigation, but is still included in layered navigation. Options include: Yes / No
URL Key Enter text to represent the category in the URL. You should use all lowercase characters and no spaces. (You can use a hyphen to represent the space between words.)

The format of the category URL is determined by your system configuration.