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Sage Pay Direct Checkout Process

Registered customers, as well as guests making purchases with Sage Pay Direct, can pay for their orders by credit card during checkout.

To check out as customer:

  1. Begin the checkout process, and complete the Billing and Shipping Information as you would for any purchase.
  2. In the Payment Information section, select Credit Card (Sage Pay). Then do the following:
    1. Select the Credit Card Type.
    2. Enter the Credit Card Number from the front of your card.
    3. Select the Expiration Date month and year.
    4. In the CCV field, enter the three-digit Credit Card Verification number from the back of your card.

      Note: For this field to appear, Credit Card Verification must be set to “Yes” in your Sage Pay Direct configuration. Credit card verification is always required for the Switch/Maestro credit card type.

  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • If 3D Secure Card Validation is not enabled, click I agree to these conditions. Then click the Place Order button.
    • If 3D Secure Card Validation is enabled, click I agree to these conditions. Then, click the Pay Now button. In the 3D Secure iFrame section, enter your Password.

      Note: For this section to appear, 3D Secure Card Validation must be set to “Yes” in your Sage Pay Direct configuration.

    • 3D Secure Card Validation
      Sage Pay Direct 3D Secure Verification
  5. When the information is complete, click the Submit button.
  6. Complete the remainder of the checkout process as you would for any payment method, and place the order. If you are logged in when placing the order, then it appears in your Customer Account Dashboard and Admin panel.

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