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Configurable Product: Step 2 - Create the Attribute Set


Creating an Attribute Set The “drop-down” attributes are included in an Attribute Set, which is used as a template to create both the Configurable product and the associated records for each product variation.

  1. From the Admin panel, select Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attribute Sets. Then, click the Add New Set button.
  2. Assign a Name to the attribute set.
  3. In the Based On list, select an existing attribute set, such as “Default,” to use as a template.  Then, click the Save Attribute Set button.
  4. Add New Attribute Set
    Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attribute Sets: Add New Set

  5. Starting from the list of Unassigned Attributes, drag and drop each attribute you want to use as a drop-down list to the center column. You can arrange them in any order.
  6. Unassigned Attributes
    Unassigned Attributes

  7. If you want to group the attributes in a new section of the Product Information panel, do the following:
    1. Click the Add New button.

      Note: If prompted by your browser, select “Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows” to continue.  Then, click the Add New button again.

    2. When prompted, enter a name for the new group. Then, click the OK button.

      The new group appears at the bottom of the Groups column.
    3. New Attribute Group
      New Attribute Group

    4. Drag and drop each attribute you want to include, over to the new group.
    5. Dragging Attribute to Group
      Dragging an Attribute to a Group
  8. Click the Save Attribute Set button.

“Creating a Configurable Product”