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Configuration: Customers - Wishlist - Share Options

System > Configuration > Customers > Wishlist > Share Options


Giving customers the ability to share their wishlist with friends can help increase customer loyalty and bring new potential customers to your site.

Use the Wishlist Share Options to set which template is used for messages that are sent when wishlists are shared, and which contact from your Magento Go appears as the sender. Shared wishlists are sent from a store email address, but the body of the message contains a personalized note from the customer.

For step-by-step instructions, see Setting Up the Customer Wishlist.

Field Descriptions

Options Scope Descriptions
Email Template Store View From the list, select the email template that is used for the message sent when a wishlist is shared.
Email Sender Store View From the list, select the store administrative contact that appears in the From: line of a shared wishlist email message.

To edit existing email templates (such as the default template), or to create new ones, see Customizing Transactional Emails.

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