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Configuration: General - Design - HTML Head

System > Configuration > General > Design > HTML Head


The HTML Head section defines the page title, favicon icon, meta information, title, and scripts in the HTML head tag. These elements are not all directly visible in your store. You also use this section to control the display of the Demo Store notice that appears at the top of your store prior to launch.

Field Descriptions

Field Description
Favicon Icon Choose a file to use as the favicon. Allowed file types are ico, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, apng, svg.

Note: Not all browsers support all file types.

For more information, see Add a Custom Favicon for Your Web Store.

Default Title Enter the title for your storefront. This title appears on any page that does not have its own title defined.
Title Prefix Enter a prefix that will precede page titles in your storefront.
Title Suffix Enter a suffix that will follow page titles in your storefront.
Default Description Enter a description for your store. This meta description is used when a page does not have its own custom meta information.
Default Keywords Enter keywords for your store. This meta keyword set is used when a page does not have its own custom meta information.
Miscellaneous Scripts Type or paste JavaScript or CSS code that you want to be displayed on all your storefront pages, regardless of theme.

If you receive an “Invalid Data Provided” message, review the HTML code in the Miscellaneous Scripts section of the configuration.

Display Demo Store Notice Specify whether to display the Demo Store notice on your storefront.

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