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Configuration: General - General


Use the General tab to set the country, language, time zone, and contact information for your store.

  • Countries Options
  • Locale Options
  • Store Information
  • Task Notifications Options

Current Configuration Scope

The Current Configuration Scope list at the top of the left Configuration panel defines the range over which the configuration settings apply. Some configuration settings apply globally to everything in the site, while others are more limited in scope. If you have multiple stores on your website, you can change the scope and make different configurations settings for each store.

The scope of the configuration is shown in [square brackets] to the right of the setting.

To set the current configuration scope:

  1. From the Admin panel, select System > Configuration.
  2. In the upper-left Current Configuration Scope list, choose the scope of the settings you want to make.
  3. To see the current store configuration, click Manage Stores.

Scope Settings

Option Description
Default Configuration Configuration at the Default level applies to all websites if a website- or store-specific value is not set.
Main Website Configuration at Main Website scope, like Default, applies across all stores and store views. Certain settings, like Table Rates, can be made only with a Main Website scope.
Main Store Configuration at Store scope applies only to the specific store.
Storeview (English, Spanish, etc) Store views are used to configure language- or country-specific settings.

For more information, see Understanding Store Scopes.

Countries Options

The Countries Options section defines the country information for your store.

To complete the countries options:

  1. In the Default Country list, select the country where your business is located.
  2. In the Allow Countries list, select all countries from which you accept payment.  By default, all countries in the list are selected and appear as country options during checkout. To omit countries from the list, hold the Ctrl key down and click the name of each country.
  3. In the Postal Code is Optional list, select the countries that you ship to, but where a postal code is not required.

Selecting Multiple Options

To select a group, hold the Shift key down and drag to select the range of options.

To select a multiple items, do the following:

  • On the PC, hold the Ctrl key down and click each option you want to select.
  • On the Mac, hold the Command key down and click each option you want to select.

Field Descriptions

Locale Options

The Locale Options section defines the local time and date information for your store.

To complete the locale options:

  1. In the Timezone list, select the time zone of the physical location of your business.
  2. In the Locale list, select the language in which you conduct business in this store.
  3. In the First day of Week field, select the day that is considered to be the first day of the week in your locale.
  4. In the Weekend Days field, select the non-working days of the week in your locale.

Field Descriptions

Store Information

The Store Information section defines the name, phone number, and physical address of your store.

To complete the store information:

  1. In the Store Name field, type ithe name of your store.
  2. In the Store Contact Telephone field, type the telephone number of your store or place of business.
  3. In the Store Contact Address field, type the physical address of your store or place of business.

Field Descriptions

Task Notifications Options

The Task Notifications Options section specifies the recipients of administrative task notifications.

To complete the task notification options:

In the Task Notification Recipients field, type the email addresses of all recipients of administrative task notifications. Multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma.

Field Descriptions