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Configuration: General - Reports


Magento Go provides you with powerful tools for reporting sales, search and order information.  Use the Configuration Reports section to define the starting dates used for generating reports.

Setting the Configuration Scope

Before you continue, make sure to set the correct configuration scope, if necessary. The field descriptions in the tables below identify the scope level for each setting. For more information, see: Understanding Store Scope.


The Dashboard is the first page you will view when logging in as an administrator.  Through your Dashboard you can get a quick overview of detailed information reported by your store.

To enter dashboard dates:

  1. From the Admin panel, select System > Configuration > Reports. If necessary, click to expand the Dashboard section.
  2. In the Year-To-Date-Starts field, select the month and day that is the beginning of your fiscal year.
  3. In the Current Month field, select the day of the month to be used as the starting point for your Dashboard reports.

Field Descriptions