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Configuration: Payment Gateways - Card Gate Plus

System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Card Gate Plus Settings

The Card Gate Plus Settings section contains the general settings which are required to configure the Card Gate Plus payment gateway for your Magento Go Store. After completing the general setup, you can activate any of the following payment methods:

For step-by-step instructions, see Payment Gateways: Card Gate Plus.

Field Descriptions

Options Scope Description
Test Mode Store View Specifies whether Card Gate Plus is operating in test mode or production mode. Options include:
Yes: During Test mode, you can test the configuration and process test transactions.
No: The Card Gate Plus payment gateway and associated methods are live in production mode and payments are processed.
Site ID Store View Your Card Gate Plus merchant account Site ID.
Hash Key Store View Your Card Gate Plus merchant account Hash Key.
Payment Action Website Specifies how you want your payment to be authorized:
Authorize Only:After an order is submitted, Card Gate Plus authorizes the transaction, but does not transfer funds to your account. Your store administrator must log in to your Card Gate Plus merchant account to capture the transaction.
Authorize and Capture:Payment is authorized and captured on the Card Gate Plus site. Funds are transferred to your account, and your store generates an order and invoice.
Gateway Language Store View Determines the language used in the gateway interface.