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Configuration: Payment Gateways - Ogone DirectLink

System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Ogone Direct Link


The Ogone Direct Link section contains the settings used to configure the payment gateway for your Magento Go store.

For step-by-step instructions, see Payment Gateways: Ogone Direct Link.

Field Descriptions

Options Scope Description
PSPID Global Ogone Direct Link merchant account credentials.
USERID Global Ogone Direct Link merchant account credentials.
PSWD Global Ogone Direct Link merchant account credentials.
SHA-In Pass phrase Global Ogone Direct Link merchant account credentials.
Enabled Global Enables/disables the Ogone DirectLink payment gateway.
Title Store View Identifies this payment method in the checkout settings of the Payment Information page of your Magento Go online store.
Payment Action Website Specifies how you want your payment to be authorized:
  • Authorize Only: After an order is submitted. Ogone authorizes the transaction. Your Magento Go store administrator must log in to the merchant account on Ogone and capture the transaction.
  • Authorize and Capture: A payment is authorized and captured on Ogone’s site, and the backend of your Magento Go store generates an order and an invoice.
Credit Card Types Website Identifies the credit card types you accept through this payment gateway. Options include: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Switch/Maestro, Solo, Diners Club, Carte Bancaire CB, Maestro, e-Carte Bleue, Aurore, and Other (other card types approved by Ogone).
Credit Card Verification Website Allows you to enable/disable the credit card verification code (CVC) requirement for Maestro, Switch/Maestro, and Solo credit cards processed with Ogone DirectLink.
Enable 3D Secure Card Validation on Frontend Global If you have set Enable 3D Secure Card Validation on Frontend to Yes, this field enables an additonal layer of fraud protection for your transactions.
Payment from Applicable Countries Website Identifies the countries where you want this payment method to be available.  Options include:
  • All Allowed Countries: Customers from all countries in the default countries list can use this payment method.
  • Specific Countries: Customers from only the countries selected in the Payment from Specific Countries list can use this payment method.
Payment from Specific Countries Website If you have set Payment from Applicable Countries to Specific Countries, this list indicates the country or countries where the customers can use this payment method.
Test mode Website Specifies whether your Magento Go store is in test mode or production mode for the Ogone payment method.
  • Yes: Test mode lets you test the integration of Magento Go with the Ogone Direct Link payment system without processing payments.
  • No: The payment account is in production mode (live) and payments will be processed.
Sort order Website Optional: Enter a numerical value to indicate where this payment option should display in the list of potential payment options shown to your customers.