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Configuration: Shipping Methods - Table Rate

System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Table Rate

The Table Rates section lets you configure custom shipping based on a rates table. The table rate shipping method gives you more control and manageable over shipping rates.

For step-by-step instructions, see Setting Up Table Rate Shipping.

Field Descriptions

Option Scope Description
Enabled Website Enables/disables the table rate shipping method.
Title Store View The title of this shipping option as it appears in the shopping cart and during checkout.
Method Name Store View Describes the shipping rate calculation method for table rate shipping. This appears in the shopping cart checkout page along with the title and rate.
Condition Website Specifies the order components that are used to calculate the shipping price. These order components are compared with the rate table information that you import to determine the shipping rate.
Export Website

Allows you to download an empty CSV table to enter in the shipping rate information. This empty table is generated based on the components selected in the Condition option.

Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation Website Determines if virtual products, such as gift cards, are included in the shipping rate calculation.
Import Website

Allows you to re-import the CSV rate table back into Magento Go.

Tip: When editing the table rate spreadsheet, use ISO 3166 two- or three-character standard country codes. For a list of ISO country codes and to learn more about it, see: ISO 3166 Country names and code elements.

Calculate Handling Fee Website Sets the calculation method used to determine the handling fee for table rate shipping.
FixedBy default, the handling fee is calculated at a fixed rate, based on the shipping charge. The resulting handling fee is then added to the shipping charge.
PercentApplies the handling fee as a percentage of the shipping charge. The resulting handling fee is then added to the shipping charge.
Handling Fee Website Establishes the handling that is added to the shipping rate. The handling fee can be either a fixed amount or a percentage.  To specify twenty-five percent, type the whole number 25, without the percent sign.
Displayed Error Message Store View The error message that is displayed when this shipping method is unavailable for any reason.
Ship to Applicable Countries Website

Specifies which country customers are allowed to use this shipping method.

All Allowed CountriesPermits all “allowed countries” to use table rate shipping. To configure the “allowed countries” for your store, see Countries Options.
Specific CountriesPermits only the countries selected in the “Ship to Specific Countries” list to use table rate shipping.
Ship to Specific Countries Website If shipping to specific countries, select each country where you want to offer customers the option to use table rate shipping. To select multiple items, hold down the Ctrl key and click each item.
Sort Order Website

Sets the sort order value for the table rate shipping option. This value, relative to other shipping methods, determines the displayed order of shipping options in checkout.

Shipping methods appear in ascending order based on sort order value.