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Configuration: Shipping Methods - USPS

System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods - USPS


The USPS section contains the fields required to configure the shipping method for the U.S. Postal Service.

For step-by-step instructions, see Shipping Carriers: Setting Up USPS.

Field Descriptions

Options Scope Description
Enabled Website Enables/disables the USPS shipping method.
Gateway URL Website The URL used to connect to the USPS system and retrieve shipping rates dynamically.
Title Store View The title of this shipping option as it appears in the shopping cart checkout.
User Website USPS shipper account user ID.
Container Website

Sets the container type used to package order shipments.

Options include:
  • Variable
  • Flat-Rate Box
  • Flat-Rate Envelope
  • Rectangular
  • Non-rectangular
Size Website

Sets the Size option to the typical shipment package size. This option affects the calculation of the shipping rate.

Options include:
  • Regular
  • Large
  • Oversize
Machinable Website Specifies whether the package can be processed by machine. This option affects the calculation of the shipping rate.
Maximum Package Weight Website

Sets the maximum weight that a package can be as specified by USPS.

If the products ordered exceeds the maximum package weight, this shipping option will not be available.

Calculate Handling Fee Website

Sets the handling fee calculation method for table rate shipping.

  • Fixed - Handling fee is a fixed rate.
  • Percent - Handling fee is applied as a percentage of the order amount.
Handling Applied Website Specifies whether handling fee is applied to each order or to each package within an order.
Handling Fee Website

Sets the handling that is included with the shipping rate price. Handling fee can be set as a fixed amount or a percentage.

Note: If typing a percentage amount, use the decimal format 0.25 for 25%.

Allowed Methods Website Specifies the allowed methods of USPS shipping that will be offered to customers. Shipping rates will be calculated based on the selected shipping method.
Free Method Website

Sets the free shipping method through USPS, or can be disabled by selecting None.

Note: This shipping method is similar to the regular Free Shipping method, however it will be listed within the USPS shipping options and is identified as USPS shipping.

Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount Website Enables or disables conditional free shipping that depends on meeting a minimum order amount.
Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping Website Sets the minimum total order amount that must be met to qualify an order for free shipping.
Displayed Error Message Store View The error message that is displayed when this shipping method is unavailable for any reason.
Ship to Applicable Countries Website

Specifies which country customers are allowed to use this shipping method.

All Allowed Countries - All allowed countries are applicable to use the free shipping method. The Allowed Countries are specified in the General configuration page.

Specific Countries - Limits this shipping option to the countries specified in the Ship to Specific Countries list.

Ship to Specific Countries Website Specifies the countries that are applicable to use the USPS shipping method. This selected countries list is used if Specific Countries is selected in the Ship to Applicable Countries option.
Show Method if Not Applicable Website

If set to Yes, the USPS shipping option will be displayed in the shipping methods list, regardless of whether or not the order qualifies to use it.

If set to No, the USPS shipping option will not be displayed in the shipping methods list if it is not applicable to the order (i.e. the order weight exceeds the maximum weight amount).

Debug Website

Specifies if data transmissions between Magento Go and USPS will be logged in the system for debugging.

Unless there is an issue that needs to be tracked and logged, this should be set to No.

Sort Order Website

Sets the sort order value for this shipping method. This value, relative to other shipping methods, determines the displayed order of shipping options in checkout.

Shipping methods are displayed in ascending order based on sort order value.