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Configuring Inventory Information

This article explains how to configure the inventory settings for your Magento Go catalog. Magento Go does not require that you manage your inventory from the admin panel, but it does provide an extremely effective system to control your product supply.

To configure inventory information for a product:

  1. Click the Inventory tab in the Product Information panel on the left.
  2. The Inventory fields include the following:
    • Qty: Specifies the quantity, or how many units you currently possess in your inventory.
    • Stock Availability: You can specify whether or not an item is In Stock or Out of Stock
  3. Click Save to save your changes.

    In addition, the following optional inventory settings are available:

    • Manage Stock: Select Yes if the inventory options are available for this single product to manage your inventory. Select No to specify that you do not want to manage product inventory (in which case, the product will be made permanently available to your customers in your store).
    • Stock Availability: Select the In Stock option if you want customers to be able to purchase this product.
    • Qty Uses Decimals: This field is used for products such as those sold in units of length, weight, or some other measure. If your products require customers to enter decimal quantities, as opposed to integers, select Yes.
    • Backorders: If your store’s inventory is promptly refreshed, and there is no reason for your store to prevent customers from ordering beyond the specified inventory limits, then you can change this option to Allow Qty Below 0. If you want the customer to be notified about the backorder upon purchase, you can select Allow Qty Below 0 and Notify Customer.  A backorder does not change the processing status of the order. Funds are still authorized or captured immediately when the order is placed, regardless of whether the product is in stock. When the product becomes available, it will be shipped.
    • Maximum/Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart: This option enables you to limit the availability of a product.  For example, if a company sold bottles of wine, they could offer them in cases, in which case they would set the minimum amount to six and over.  Alternatively, you can set the maximum limit in order to limit the quantity of each product sold per customer.
    • Qty for Item’s Status to become Out of Stock: This field specifies a level at which a product will become out of stock.