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Related Products

Related products are items the customer might be inclined to purchase in addition to the item currently under consideration. It could be an accessory for the product, or another item that might be a logical “add-on” to the product.

The Related Products block lists all products that have been identified as related to the product the customer is viewing. To purchase the item, the customer simply clicks a checkbox in the Related Product block. The position of the Related Products block varies according to theme and page layout. In this example, it appears at the bottom of the Product page.  With a two-column layout, the Related Product block usually appears in the right column.

Related Product
Related Product

To set up related products:

  1. In the Product Information panel on the left, click Related Products.
  2. Click the Reset Filter button in the upper-right to list all the available products, or use the search filters at the top of each column to find specific products.
  3. In the list, select the checkbox in the first column of any product you want to feature as a related product.
  4. When complete, click the Save button.