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Content Tools

You store has a content management system that is used to create and maintain the information that is available throughout your site. To help you get started, your store’s sample data includes several pages and blocks of content that you can modify with your own information, or replace with content of your own design.


Content pages appear in the main content area of your site, according to the column layout of the page. A page can be linked to other pages, incorporated into the navigation of your store. Content pages are indexed by search engines and can bring new customers to your store.


A block is a modular unit of content that can be positioned most anywhere on the page. The block can include static information such as text, images, video, and dynamic information such as data from your catalog.


Banners display an image or block content, and can be set to appear for a specific period of time for a promotion. You can create a banner that appears only for certain customer groups, or when price rule conditions apply. You can also use the Frontend App tool to combine multiple banners in a rotating banner.

Frontend Apps

A frontend app is a snippet of code that makes it possible to place existing content at specific places throughout your store. The Frontend App tool makes it easy to place existing blocks, banners, links, and other dynamic elements.