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Creating Inline Links

An inline link is a hyperlink to another page that is placed in a line of text. Inline links can be inserted directly into the content editor of CMS pages, blocks, and banners.

Inline links that are generated by the Frontend App tool are represented in the content editor by a page link token. Because the link is simply marked-up text, it can be copied and pasted into any other place that accepts HTML code.

“Click here to go there” is a common example of an inline link, where the word “here” contains the link to another page.  A more intuitive and seamless approach is to place the link on a word that occurs naturally in a sentence. In this case, the style applied to the link lets the reader know that it can be clicked.  Another way inline links can be used is to let the reader know that the article continues on another page.  The inline link can be placed on the word “More” or “Continued,” followed by an ellipsis “…” character, with a link to a the full article.

In this example, you will learn how to generate an inline link directly from content editor of a CMS page, following these steps:

Step 1: Open the CMS Page

Step 2: Select the Link Format and Location

Step 3: Insert the Link into the Text

Step 4: Additional Formatting Options

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