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Customer Account Dashboard

Customers can access their account dashboard by clicking the “My account” link under the quick search box. They can use the dashboard to view and modify their information, including past and current addresses, billing and shipping preferences, newsletter subscriptions, wishlists, and more. They can also view tags and product reviews they have created while logged in to your store.

Account Dashboard

The main dashboard section provides an overview of recent orders and basic account information. Customers can modify their recent orders or edit their billing, shipping, and contact information.

Account Information

Customers can manage their own account information and change their password from the account dashboard.

Address Book

Your customers can use this section to manage their default billing and shipping addresses, including any additional addresses they would like to add to their address book.

My Orders

Customers can view the details of their purchase history, including the order number, date of purchase, total price of the order, and order status. The Reorder link creates a new order using information from a previous order, and takes the customer to the shopping cart, ready to check out.

Billing Agreements

This section displays any billing agreements into which the customer has entered with your store.

My Product Reviews

This section displays summaries of the reviews you have written, including date, product name, average star rating, and an excerpt of the text. Select “View Details” to see the full review.

My Tags

In this section, tags are displayed in a cloud format. Tags in larger font sizes have been used by multiple customers. Tags in smaller fonts have been used less frequently. Click any tag to see a list of products that have been described with that tag.

My Wishlist

This section displays your wishlist. Use the text box to enter comments on products or the “Add to Cart” button to purchase them. Remove products by clicking the X button and “Update your Wishlist.” Share your wishlist via email by clicking the “Share your Wishlist” button.

Newsletter Subscription

Modify your newsletter subscription options from this section. Select your preferred option and click “Save.”

Store Credit

This section displays the balance of your store credit and gives you the option to redeem a gift card.

Gift Card

Check gift card balances or add their value to your account by entering the gift card code in the text box.