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Design Tools

Your Magento Go store includes a suite of tools for frontend developers and designers, with or without programming experience.


Theme Editor

The Theme Editor lets you customize the styles which are used to format the main sections of the page, without editing the CSS code.

Theme Text Editor

The Theme Text Editor lets you change the terminology that is used throughout the interface of your store.


Layout Editor

The Layout Editor lets you add pre-configured Magento Go blocks to the left and right columns of most pages in your store. You can also rearrange, lock in place, and remove the blocks from view.

Design Settings Editor

The Design Settings Editor provides an easy-to-use interface so you can change the most common CSS styles without entering any code.


CSS Editor

The CSS Editor provides access to the CSS style sheets used by the current theme. You can download them to become familiar with the styles, and enter your own updates to override existing styles.

Java Script Editor

The Java Script Editor lets you implement custom code, hosted scripts, and libraries such as TypeKit, JQuery, and MooTools.


Catalog Images

Catalog Images lets you control the size of the images used throughout the store and catalog.

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