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Editing a Block

The “Footer Links” block in the footer of your store is one of the first blocks that you should learn to edit. For example, if you have created a privacy policy page, you can edit the block to include a link to the page.

The footer link is placed inside an “unordered list,” which is code that is usually used to create a bulleted list. However, in this case, the list is formatted without bullets, according to the stylesheet (styles.css) of your theme.

There are three methods you can use to insert a link in a block or content page:

  1. Use the Toolbar
  2. Type the Code
  3. Use a Frontend App

Code that is inserted by a Frontend App is slightly different, but the result is the same.  You can use any of these methods to add a link to a block, or even combine them in the same block. Although these examples show how to insert links into blocks, the same techniques can be used to insert links into CMS pages.

Footer Links
Footer Links

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