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How to Disable the Demo Store Notice

  • System > Configuration > General > Design > HTML Head

When you begin building your store, your web store will be in demo mode. Magento Go will display an under construction on your web store to notify customers. With this demo store notification, customers will be notified that order transactions will not be fulfilled.

Once your store is ready to go live, follow these instructions to remove the demo store notice:

  1. From the Admin Panel, select System > Configuration.
  2. Select the Design tab from the left side panel in the General section.
  3. Click the HTML Head panel to expand its options.
  4. In the Display Demo Store Notice field, set the value to No to remove the notice.
  5. Click [ Save Config ] to save these changes.

To be sure that your site is now live, be sure to visit your web store. You should notice that the Under Construction tab is no longer displayed at the top of the pages.