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Exporting Orders

Order data can be exported from your store as a CSV file that can be edited or integrated with other applications. Exported data can be updated in a spreadsheet and then reimported into your store, or imported into an accounting system. The exported order data includes:

  • Basic information
  • Order items
  • Billing and shipping addresses
  • Payment information
  • Order comments
  • Order invoices
  • Order shipment
  • Order credit memo

To export orders:

  1. On the Admin menu, select System > Import/Export > Export.
  2. Under Export Settings, set Entity Type to “Orders.”
  3. In the Entity Attributes list, select the checkbox of each attribute group that you want to omit from the export.
  4. Click Continue to generate the CSV file. When the export is complete, you are prompted to save or download the file.

    Always save data files in CSV format (MS Windows) with UTF-8 encoding.

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