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Importing Orders

Orders that were originally created in your Magento Go store can be exported, edited, and re-imported back into your store. However, orders that originate from other sources—including other Magento Go stores—cannot be imported into your store. The order attributes that can be edited are status, shipment tracking number, and comments. Changes to attributes in other columns are ignored during the import process.

Here’s an scenario: Suppose that you accidentally processed an order through your payment provider that was to have been canceled. Because the order was not canceled properly from the Admin, the status is now stuck on “Processing.” To correct the status, you can export the order, change the order status to “Canceled,” and then re-import the order back into your store. It is important to understand that the order status must be consistent with the order’s position in the workflow. For example, you cannot change the status of an invoiced order from “Processing” to “Canceled.”

To change any of the editable attributes, you must first export the order as a CSV file, using a process that is similar to exporting product or customer data. Then, open the file in a spreadsheet and make the necessary updates. Finally, reimport the order back into your store. See the list at the end of this topic for more information about each editable attribute.

To import orders:

  1. On the Admin menu, select System > Import/Export > Import.
  2. Under Import Settings, set Entity Type to “Orders.”
  3. At the Select File to Import field, click the Browse button and select the CSV file with the updated order attributes.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click the Check Data button to validate the CSV file. If the file is valid, the Import button appears.
  5. Click the Import button to begin the import process.

Always save data files in CSV format (MS Windows) with UTF-8 encoding.

Editable Order Attributes

statusThe status of order. The value must be entered in all lowercase characters, and be consistent with the order’s position within the workflow. Options include:
_shipment_track_numberThe tracking number of the shipment.
_shipment_comment_commentA comment about the shipment.
_order_status_history_commentA comment about the status of the order history.

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