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Discount with Minimum Purchase

Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules

This article provides an example for creating a promotion based on a percentage discount with minimum purchase. You set this discount using shopping cart price rules. The format of this type of discount is:
X% off all Y (category) over $Z dollars (minimum qualifying product price)

This example shows how to offer 25% off all cell phones over $200.00.

Follow these general steps to set this discount:

  • Step 1: Add a shopping cart rule
  • Step 2: Define shopping cart rule conditions
  • Step 3: Define shopping cart rule actions
  • Step 4: (Optional): Associate labels and banners with your rule

Step 1: Add a shopping cart rule

  1. From the Admin panel, select Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules.
  2. To create a new shopping cart rule, click the Add New button. The New Rule page appears.
    New Shopping Cart Price Rule

  3. In the General Information section, do the following:
    1. Complete the Rule Name (required) and Description (optional) fields. These fields are for internal reference only and are not shown to your customers.
    2. In the Status field, select Active.
    3. If you are managing multiple translations of your site, select the sites where this rule applies.
    4. In the Customer Groups field, select the customer groups to which this rule applies. (You can use the Shift and Control keys on your keyboard to select or deselect multiple customer groups.)

      TIP: This list shows the default customer groups for Magento Go. You can add and edit groups by selecting Customers > Customer Groups.

    5. In the Coupon field, select one of the following:
      • No Coupon: The customer does not need to enter a coupon code to qualify for the discount.
      • Specific Coupon: When you select this option you activate additional fields where you enter Coupon Code (required), Uses per Coupon (optional), and Uses per Customer (optional).
    6. If you want to restrict the number of times a customer can use this discount, enter a number in the Uses per Customer field.
    7. In the From Date and To Date fields, set a date range for the rule to take effect. If you leave the date range empty, then the rule is enabled as soon as it is saved.
    8. In the Priority field, enter a number to set the priority for this rule. Enter 0 for the highest priority, 1 for the second highest priority, and so on.
    9. Set the Public in RSS Feed to Yes or No.

      If RSS feeds are enabled, customers can sign up to get notifications when the feed is updated. See System > RSS Feeds for all available feeds.

After you fill in general information for the shopping cart price rule, you define the conditions that specify when this rule is triggered.

Step 2: Define shopping cart rule conditions

  1. In the Shopping Cart Price Rule panel on the left, click to select the Conditions tab.

    The first rule appears by default: If ALL of these conditions are TRUE. This rule specifies that the rules you define must all be met and all of them are true. For conditions, you can select ALL or ANY, and they can be set to TRUE or FALSE. For this example you need to further define this rule to apply a percentage discount to cell phones only.

    Shopping Cart Price Rule Conditions
  2. Do the following:
    1. Click the green plus symbol to insert a new condition line. From the drop-down list, select Product Attribute Combination.
    2. Click the next green plus symbol, and from the next drop-down list, select Category.
    3. The Category line is added below, and you can click the bold, underlined word is to change the condition for this item. The conditions change depending on which items you choose. For Category, the choices are is, is not, contains, or does not contain. For this example, leave it set to is.
    4. Click the table icon to specify the Category, which in this example is Electronics. Next, click the small blue plus sign next to the Electronics folder to expand it, and then check the checkbox for cell phones.
    5. Click the green plus symbol to insert another new condition line and then select Price.
    6. To apply this rule to all cell phones that are $200 or more, click is. From the drop-down list select equals or greater than.
    7. Click the ellipsis symbol ... in the price condition row. For this example, enter 200.00.

After you complete the definition of the conditions that trigger the rule, you must define the action or actions to be taken.

Step 3: Define shopping cart rule actions

  1. In the Shopping Cart Price Rule panel on the left, click to select the Actions tab.
  2. Define the actions for your rule in the Update prices using the following information field. The information you enter to set actions depends on which conditions you chose previously. For this example, in the Apply field, select Percent of product price discount from the list, and for Discount Amount enter 25.
    Shopping Cart Price Rule Actions

Step 4: (Optional): Associate labels and banners with your rule

  1. If you want to create a label for this rule, from the Shopping Cart Price Rule panel on the left, click to open the Labels tab and enter default and store-specific labels.
  2. If you have a banner that you want to associate with the rule, click the Related Banners tab and select the banner to be associated with the rule.
  3. To save the rule, click the Save Rule button.

    NOTE: If you changed the status of the rule to Inactive while creating or editing it, be sure to set it back to Active on the Rule Information page.