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Buy X, Get Y Free

This example shows how to set up a shopping cart price rule for a “Buy X, Get Y Free” promotion. The format of the discount is as follows:

Buy X quantity of product, get Y quantity for free.

Step 1: Create a Shopping Cart Price Rule

Follow the instructions in Step 1 of Shopping Cart Price Rules to create the rule and enter the general information.

Step 2: Define the Conditions

Follow the instructions in Step 2 of Shopping Cart Price Rules to define the conditions for the price rule. The condition can be triggered by the purchase of a specific product, having made a purchase of a certain amount, or any other possible scenario.

Step 3: Define the Actions

  1. In the panel on the left, select Actions. Then, do the following:
    1. Set Apply to “Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y).”
    2. Set Discount Amount to “1”. This is the quantity received for free.
    3. Set Discount Qty Step (Buy X) to the quantity the customer must purchase to receive the discount.
  2. Click the Save and Continue Edit button. Then, complete the rest of the rule as needed.

Buy X, Get Y Free
Buy X, Get Y Free

Step 4: Add Related Banners

If you want to associate an existing banner with the rule, follow the instructions in Step 5 of Shopping Cart Price Rules.

Step 5: Complete the Label

Follow the instructions in Step 5 of Shopping Cart Price Rulesto enter the label that appears during checkout.

Step 6: Apply the Rule

When complete, click the Save Rule button.

As new rules are added, Magento Go recalculates the prices and the priorities accordingly. Generally, system rules are automatically processed and applied each night. You may need to wait an hour or so for the rule to become available. Then, test the rule to make sure that it works correctly.

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