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Importing Configurable Products

The products that are associated with a configurable product are usually created directly from within the configurable product record. However, it is also possible to import existing, simple product records into a configurable product, provided that the data meets the following requirements:

  • The simple products do not have custom options.
  • All products have unique SKU numbers.
  • Each simple product must be based on the same attribute set that was used to create the configurable product record.
  • There is at least one super attribute assigned to the configurable product and the same super attribute is included in the simple product.

To import associated products:

  1. Create the configurable product record, as well as any associated simple products according to the requirements described above.
  2. Before importing the data, make sure that the required column values have been entered into the associated simple products, as well as the configurable product record.

Required Column Values

Column Name Value
_type Identifies the product type as “configurable.”
_super_products_sku The SKU of the associated product.
_super_attribute_code The name of the attribute that is used as the Super Attribute. The attribute properties must be set as follows:
Scope Global
Input Type Dropdown
Use to Create Configurable Product Yes
_super_attribute_option The name assigned to an option in the Super Attribute. For example, you can use shoe_size as a Super Attribute, with options of 10, 11, and 12 to make a price correction of +1, +2, or +3.
_super_attribute_price_corr This is a dollar amount that can be added for Super Attribute options which need price adjustments.