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Message Inbox

Magento Go Messages is your store’s inbox for messages you receive from Magento. The messages are ranked by importance, and might refer to billing, upgrades, scheduled maintenance, and more. Any unread messages of major importance appear in a pop-up window when you log into your store. Check your messages often to stay up-to-date on the latest information from Magento!

Magento Go Messages

To manage incoming messages:

To manage multiple messages:


Message Importance

Critical(Red) Indicates an important, time-sensitive message, such as an upcoming update to your store.
Major(Orange) The default message severity level.
Notice(Green) Indicates that a routine operation has taken place, such as a refresh of the search index.

Selection Options

Select AllSelects every message in the Messages Inbox.
Unselect AllDeselects every message in the Messages Inbox.
Select VisibleSelects every message that is visible in the list.
Unselect VisibleDeselects every message that is visible in the list.