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Magento Go User Guide: Change Log

June, 2013 07-01-2013 This update includes a significant amount of new content, with expanded sections in many areas. All instructions are marked with a skill level indicator, to let you know if the task is considered to be “Easy,” Intermediate,” or “Advanced.” Here are a few things to look for in this documentation update:

Industry Compliance
In this section, you will learn about PCI compliance, and the importance of establishing procedures to protect payment information. You will also learn about the Cookie Law, which is a requirement in some countries, and considered a “best practice” in others. In addition, you will learn how to customize and maintain a privacy policy for your store.

SEO Best Practices
Search engine optimization is the practice of fine-tuning the content and presentation of your store to improve the way the pages are indexed by search engines. In this section, you will learn how to use meta data, sitemaps, catalog URLs, and redirects to improve the indexing of your site.

Content Elements
The quality of your content helps distinguish your store from others, increases your visibility to search engines, and provides support to your customers. This soft-sell approach is often more effective than advertising, builds credibility and trust, and can turn your store into a destination.  In this section, you will learn how to create pages, blocks, and link to other content. You will also learn how to create custom variables, use markup tags, and make layout updates.

Marketing Tools
In this section, you will learn how to leverage your store’s suite of merchandising, social shopping and marketing tools to help your business grow. You will learn how to create coupons and banners for price rules, and how to integrate your store with eBay and other sales channels.

Design & Theme
This guide is written for experienced designers and frontend developers, as well as for merchants with an eye for design. You will learn how to customize your store’s theme, and make changes to the page layout and design elements of your store. This section includes the same content that is in the standalone Magento Go Design Guide.

Order Fulfillment
The topics in this section explore what happens between the time customers place items into their shopping carts and the time the order arrives at their door. You will learn how to offer shopping cart assistance, fulfill orders, customize invoices and other sales documents, process credit memos, and much more.

Store Operations
In this section, you will learn how to manage email templates, import and export data, manage permissions, run site maintenance, and activate Web Services for the Magento API.

ver 1.2.01 02-02-2012 The main change in this update was to correct an error in the description of how search suggestions work, and to include the Quick Search Autocomplete feature.
The following pages were updated in this release:

Page 13 - Search Results
Updated screenshot to show Autocomplete on the Quick Search box.

Page 151 - Quick Search
Updated screenshot and added description of Autocomplete.

Page 152, 153 - Advanced Search
Added step-by-step instructions and a screenshot of search results.

Page 159 - Managing Search Terms
Clarified the description of search suggestions and recommendations, and updated screenshot.

Page 166 - Search Term Field Definitions
Corrected the definition of “Display in Suggested Terms.”

Page 167 - Configuring Catalog Search
Removed reference to the Quick Search box.

Page 168 - Catalog Search Settings
Corrected the definition of “Enable Search Suggestions.”

ver 1.2.0 01-18-2012 Initial Update

“Magento Go User Guide”