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Orders and Returns

The Orders and Returns link in the footer of your store gives customers who are not logged into an account the ability to search for information about a specific order, including credit that may be available from any returned products related to the order. The Orders and Returns form can be used both by guests and registered customers, although the link disappears from the footer when registered customers log in to their accounts. The same information is available from the account dashboard of any registered customer. The Orders and Returns form is the only way customers who have made purchases as guests can access their order information.

For additional convenience, the Orders and Returns block can be displayed in the sidebar of a specific page in your store. As one of your store’s built-in blocks, its location and position can be adjusted using either the Layout Editor or the Frontend App tool.

Orders and Returns Form
Orders and Returns Form

Here’s how…

To use the Orders and Returns form:

  1. In the footer of the page, click the Orders and Returns link.
  2. Complete the required search fieldsas follows:
    1. Enter the Order ID of the order you want to find.
    2. Enter the Billing Last Name that was used when the order was placed.
    3. Select one of the following to use as the third search field, and then complete the final field.
      • The Email Address that was used to place the order.
      • The Billing ZIP Code from the order.

      A green checkmark appears at the end of each line when the required information is complete.

  3. Click the Continue button to retrieve the order information.

The retrieved order information is similar to what was sent by email when the order was placed, and includes the status of the order, billing and shipping information, information about each item purchased, and the totals. From this page, you can do any of the following:

  • To place a new order with the same items, click the Reorder link in the upper-right corner. When the Shopping Cart page appears, click the Proceed to Checkout button to complete the order.
  • To print the order information, click the Print Order link in the upper-right corner.
  • To search for a new order, click the View Another Order link at the bottom of the page.

Guest Order Information
Guest Order Information

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